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What if I enter and for whatever reason cannot do the event

To allow for Injury / unforeseen issues Extreme North allow you to transfer your entry to another person at any stage up until entries close. You can do this automatically by going back into your entry at any stage in EDIT ENTRY and change the runners name and details.

Can I run for my own Charity

Yes of course, this would be an arrangement between yourself and your chosen Charity. We would ask that you let us know the Charity and amount raised. Our 2021 Event Charity partner is TLC4CF , so you can opt to make a donation to them when registering.

What you get for your money

  • Event T Shirt
  • Buffet meal each day after race and presentation Meal on final day.
  • Special Race Medal each race day
  • Race Support
  • Goody’s & Hot food at Finish.

Entry / number transfer

Can I let someone else participate on my Number? – Yes, you can transfer your entry, while it is still live, to another person, Just go to EDIT ENTRY and make the changes.

H & S for runners

Use of Music / ear phones are banned. As there will be local traffic, race vehicles and Ambulances it is imperative that runners/walkers adhere to this rule. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification.


Course Start / Finish locations

Race Day Day/Date Marathon Start Half Marathon Start Finish
Day 1 Thursday 15th August Moville Kinnego Malin Town
Day 2 Friday 16th August Malin Town Pier Road, Malin Hd Malin Town
Day 3 Saturday 17th August Malin Town Tullagh Rd., Clonmany Buncrana Youth Club
Day 4 Sunday 18th August Buncrana Y.C Muff village Moville

Please ensure you are running in the correct category as Marshall and support will not be in place for you otherwise.

Level of difficulty

Extreme North Courses are certified course distances but vary in that each course will have 1 hill climb of anything up to 2 mile long and elevation of between 500ft – 800ft. You can allow an extra 10 – 15mins over your normal marathon time. Naturally you will also be making additional allowance if your signed up for all 4 or back to back runs.

Course signage

  • There will be clear course markings on route.
  • Mile markers at every mile
  • There will also be Stewarts at any major junctions for QUEST & WARRIOR races

Course surface

You can assume that the entire course is on Tarred road. If there is any small section not it is not likely to affect your choice of runners.

Estimating race time

If you are running a single marathon then add 15 mins. to your normal time. If you are running back to back then add 30mins to your normal single marathon time. Adherence to this is important to ensure that runners are monitored throughout the event and ensure marshals are in place and generally to guarantee runners safety.

Post Race

Race Pack Collection.

  • Venue – Glencrow Hall, Moville – See “Pack Collection” for full details

At Race Pack collection you will;

  • Collect Race Number
  • Collect your Timing Chip – Same Chip does all days.
  • Collect Goody Bag (less Tee Shirt)
  • Have opportunity to discuss routes
  • Confirm or alter your start time / Shuttle Bus / dinner order etc. and pay where applicable. (QUEST & WARRIOR)

Shuttle bus transfers / race day (QUEST & WARRIOR)

Bus transfers will be operating daily as follows;

  • Early Morning shuttle – Applicable to Main (9.00am) Start only – Leave your transport at Finish Area by 7.45am and take shuttle bus to start, arriving at start line before 8.30.
  • Post race Shuttle Bus will leave from finish area starting from 2:30 each day, dropping runners back to start area. This is the only option available to early starters.
  • Half Marathoners can take shuttle transport from finish line at 9.40 for walkers / slow runners and at 10.20am for the 11.00 o clock start
  • Saturday morning – No pre race shuttle Bus option
  • Sunday Morning – Shuttles will leave from Event Marquee, Moville to accommodate all start times. Times will be advertised on Race Pack and generally leaving 60mins in advance of race start. No post race Shuttle Bus option.

Race day

QUEST & WARRIOR -Support Station / Kit Drop – 13.1 Mile

The Quadrathon marathons is a self support event so runners are advised to have personal arrangements in place for hydration and nutrition. However the following exceptions make it less tedious.

  • Water Station – 13.1 Mile – Half Marathon stage will be the only official Water Station on course – This station will have water / fruit / gels available.
  • Kit Drop @ 13.1 mile – Prior to race start, runners can hand in any kit for collection at 13.1 mile. Runners can also discard any items at this station and collect them at finish. Please put your number on pack if you think it could be mistaken
  • Water on Course – Marshalls will have extra water on course, so if you are in need a bottle, raise your hand on approach and they will provide. Please allow that these points could be 5-7 mile apart
  • There will be additional water stations on the last 13 mile on Sunday
  • Food and Drink – Ensure that you have taken sufficient food, fruit, carbohydrates, gels, or whatever does it for you, with you to maintain your energy levels throughout the race.

Luggage wagon (QUEST & WARRIOR)

The race will have a luggage transfer wagon so if you need luggage transferred from race start to finish for any reason we are happy to oblige.

Race Start Times


  • Walkers / slow run (Over 6 hours) 7.00am – Must not past Halfway before 9:55
  • Slow Runners ( 5 hrs to 6 hrs) 8.00am – Must not past Halfway before 10:25
  • Marathon Start 9.00am
  • Half Marathon Walk 10.30am
  • Half Marathon Run 11.00am

Arriving at start

All runners should arrive at start at least 1.5hr or more before start on first race day to allow for meeting, greeting and briefing.
4 x 4 marathon runners should be at start line at least half hour before start time on days 2,3 & 4.

We may apply a slight variation on day 1 to allow runners to get to grips with the course and their times but in general penalty’s WILL APPLY IN 2018 to anyone who enters a wave that reflect less than their ability.

Cut off times

Cut off times is 2.30pm each day – See also Early Start option.

Our Medals – are the business

Our new Marathon & Half Marathon Combi-Medals can also combine to make 1 large Plaque.

Medals from the Combi- Medal collection will be given to anyone who completes at least 2 races.


Only runners starting in the main starts at 9:00am and 11:00am qualify for prize categories.

See “COOLDOWN AND RESULTS” for a complete list of prize categories


Mandatory Kit

The following is your check list of essential items that you will be expected to have on your possession throughout the race. These items will NOT be provided by Extreme North (unless where noted) so you will need to source them yourself.

Nutrition – Runners responsible for water, energy drinks, gels or whatever gets you throughout the race.

Ruck sack or any packages to be forwarded onto kit drop station at 13m station.

Clothing -Suitable to reflect weather conditions on the day and to cover all eventualities.

Extreme North will provide the following

Water – only available at kit drop station (13m) and at random with marshals along the course – ( While many find this to be adequate we do advise that you have some means of personal hydration provided for yourself e.g water bottle etc.)

Course map – Provided by EN.

Fruit, savouries, water and hot food at finish line.

Race Rules

  • This Challenge will be staged on open roads. The rules of the road and road curtsey must be observed at all times.
  • The presence of a Marshal does not give you right of way, be prepared to stop and go only when coast is clear or waved through by a Marshall.
  • You must have the “Mandatory Kit” with you at all times
  • Contenders must make themselves aware of the time check stations. It will be the responsibility of each contenders to ensure that they are time checked at each station otherwise they will be eliminated from the race.
  • Obey all instructions and Marshal guidance.
  • Stay within the allocated course and do not trespass.
  • Each contestant will be responsible for his own personal meal / clothing provisions for execution of the Challenge + post and pre challenge requirements
  • Do not leave any items or food behind at transition areas. Waste bins will be provided in these locations.
  • Respect neighbouring structures, equipment etc.
  • Assist / report any colleague who may be in trouble to the nearest marshal.
  • Do not litter, only use toilets provided,

Event Rules, T&C’s

  • Respect and be courteous to local inhabitants who may have been inconvenienced due to the restrictions this event may have imposed on their day to day activities
  • On registering for the Challenge you waiver any liability on the organisers for injury, damage or loss and agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the organisers.
  • Contestants will be personally liable for any deliberate damage caused to the course, neighbouring structures, equipment etc.
  • Contestants are advised to have their own personal insurance for cancellation / Injury etc.
  • Contestants on registering agree to the use of personal Photos / Images by the organisers for event promotion purposes as they see fit.
  • The organisers decision to eliminate or impose a time penalty on a contestant, for whatever reason, will be final.
  • Any competitor found to be deliberately flaunting the rules, making a nuisance of themselves or generally causing disruption will be disqualified
  • If for any reasons arising out of weather conditions / H&S concerns etc., the course organisers reserve the right to alter or vary the course as they see fit.
  • If for any reasons arising out of weather conditions, “Act of God” circumstances, “Force Majeure” clause etc. an event is postponed, every effort will be made to reschedule the event at a suitable time in which case all registrations will be valid for the newly scheduled date. In such cases deferrals to 2021 may also be considered based on circumstances.
  • Check prize categories for details of prizes. All participants will receive a medal, T shirt and Goody bag or hot meal at end of each individual event.
  • Organiser’s decision will be final on all matters.




Extreme North events are staged on open roads so local and visiting spectators will have many vantage points along the route to support and check on the progress of racers / colleagues. Friends and family accompanying a runner can also book the Shuttle Bus, Party night and partake in all other activities. We will be happy to advise on vantage points and restricted area’s along the route. When travelling along the route please remember to go slow and give runners R.O.W. wherever possible. Where possible please use alternative routes to access vantage points to minimise disruption to runners.

Things to Do

Inishowen is a beautiful and quiet tourist destination, often referred to as Failte Irelands best kept secret. So check out the many thinks to see and do when you are in the locality by contacting www.visitinishowen.ie

For personal queries please send your enquiry to info@extremenorthevents.com