Quadrathon Festival 15th – 18th August, final week for entry

The Quadrathon festival of 4 Half’s, 4 Full’s or a 105 miler is now in it’s final week for entries.

This promises to be an amazing event with New medals, New trophies, new merchandise and the usual hospitality and friendliness.

So get signed up now for the event that will undoubtedly be your most memorable of 2019.

Our new Combi Medal, receive a medal for each days finishers and we’ll fit them together on Sunday to form an amazing plaque.

Stunning crystal trophies, for all winning categories. This will be an outstanding addition to your collection

High quality Shirts with a Star Wars theme rewarding all 4 day finishers. Sizes limited so register now to secure.

Quadrathon – 15th – 18th August – where the rewards match the challenge

The Quadrathon is renowned for the welcoming atmosphere, endless hospitality with hot buffet after each race and the camaraderie that develop over the 4 day festival. Check out our medals, trophies and merchandise below and I’m sure you’ll agree that you getting “bang for you buck” Limited edition medal and T’s sizes are still all available, but not for long. Register NOW.

Warrior & Quest limited edition medal, stock is running out so enter very soon if you prefer this medal.

Equally as stunning medal, This style is for the HERO, single day entrants and late entries ( when limited edition is gone)

Stunning crystal trophies, for all winning categories. This will be an outstanding addition to your collection.

High quality Shirts with a Star Wars theme rewarding all 4 day finishers. Sizes limited so register now to secure.

Beautiful Polo shirt, for single day & late entrants

Quadrathon Festival – You know you want to be part of it.

By 6 weeks today you’ll have completed Day 1 of Inishowen & Irelands most unique running festival and it will be dawning on you that the level of hype, camaraderie, hospitality and absolutely amazing scenery is a whole new experience and this is only Day 1. The changing scenery and different course daily guarantee’s that this will only get better. The sense of self achievement on crossing that line will only be bettered by the amazing Medals and trophy’s, so can you see yourself as part of this? why do ordinary when you can do amazing. Registration still open, REGISTER NOW.

HERO – 105mile Ultra in Beautiful Donegal

The HERO 105 mile Ultra, on Sat/Sun 17th/18th August is a single loop of Irelands largest and most northerly Inishowen Peninsula. The Wild Atlantis Way host’s 90% of this amazing Coastal run. The HERO, run in conjunction with the “QUADRATHON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL”, is ultra with a difference, Runners receive a medal for each marathon distance completed, so finishers earn the set of 4 medals which fit together to form a beautiful Plaque. Finishers in the 24/27hr time frame will enjoy the company of our Sunday Warrior runners who’ll be completing their final marathon. Each runner must have their own support team. Register NOW.

Mamore Gap

Quadrathon’s International appeal continues to grow.

The Quadrathon continue’s to have International appeal with 33% of current entrants from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Australia. The remainder is also an equal split between Ireland / Northern Ireland. Males out number the Females by just 5% and the Quest (Half Marathon) turnout is almost 60% Female. The Hero entries are still quite low, but keep training as it’s definitely a runner this year. Also it looks like the Quest will out number the Warrior (Marathoners), this will be a first.

So please keep those entries coming and help us to make Quadrathon ’19 the best yet, who said “you can’t improve on perfection”? the Quadrathon does that year after year.







The Quadrathon Running Festival – Unique in so many ways.

The Quadrathon Running Festival has so many unique aspects that it’s hard to believe you get them all in 1 event. Marathons, Half Marathons & 105 mile ultra all-in-one event, with Walkers early start.












Runners submerged in Star Wars territory on Day 2








Proper food Buffet every day for all race finishers.











Fantastic endurance challenge that is greatly rewarded with amazing scenery to take the sting out of it.







Stunning Bling – Every finisher (99% of field) is a winner and the Combi-Medal transforms into a trophy, making you feel like a real winner, which you deserve.









The 4 day, social gathering, friendship and Camaraderie are probably the main reason why “Word of Mouth” is the Quadrathons main reason for success.

REGISTER NOW and experience this unique and memorable event, while you can.





HERO 105mile Ultra in conjunction with Quadrathon ’19

The HERO 105 mile /27hr is an additional feature to our 4 Day Quadrathon in August. An ultra with a difference as you get rewarded with a medal for each Marathon distance completed so finishers 4 medals will fit together to form a beautiful Plaque. On the final marathon distance many runners will merge with the Sundays Muff marathon runners. The course is a single 105mile loop on the extremely scenic Wild Atlantic way. Each runner must have their own support team

Calling all Adventure Racers who want a real ADVENTURE

It’s time to get serious about Extreme North’s TUFF-INISH 132km/12hr Adventure race.

Entries for Solo and Teams of 2 or 3 are now open for this 132km challenge that traverses the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula.

Every stage of this race has it’s own challenges whether it’s kayaking on Lough Foyle or a cycle challenge on the mighty Mamore Gap so get registered and get training right away.

Quadrathon International Running Festival. 15th to 18th August ’19

Ireland’s most memorable events, the Quadrathon Festival is only month’s away on 15th to 18th August

More than just a race we have Half & Full Marathons on Irelands Wild Atlantic Way, with a different course on each of the 4 days.

Stunning scenery, friendliness, camaraderie, hot buffet daily, shuttle bus service and a professionally organised event that has YOU running and WE do the rest.

It’s tough but extremely rewarding, just cross that finish line and be treated like a Winners, YES, checkout our Medals for proof.

Our 105mile HERO Ultra is also part of the Quadrathon and starts on Day 3, 17th August.


What is your special memory of the Quadrathon

The Quadrathon is packed with features and lasting memories, whats yours:









The amazing scenery with every turn on every day.











The multiple race choices with early Walk starts.











The Star Wars territory on Day 2








The Buffet and gathering at Finish line every day











The challenge and achievement euphoria







The Stunning Medals, making finishers winners.








Or maybe it’s just the fabulous people you meet there