Up & Running – Race day Info





Course Start / Finish locations

Race Day Day/Date Marathon Start Half Marathon Start Finish
 Day 1 Thursday 15th August The Square, Moville Top of cork screw, Kinnego Bay Malin Town
 Day 2 Friday 16th August Malin Town Pier Rd., past Farrens Bar Malin Hd Malin Town
Day 3 Saturday 17th August Malin Town Tullagh Road, Urris, Clonmany  Buncrana
 Day 4 Sunday 18th August Buncrana Muff, village Moville

Please ensure you are running in the correct category as Marshall and support will not be in place for you otherwise.

Start Times

  • Walkers / slow run (Over 6 hours) 7.00am – Starters must have a race time of 5:45 or greater
  • Slow Runners ( 5 hrs to 6 hrs) 8.00am – Starters must have a race time of 4:45 or greater
  • Marathon Start 9.00am
  • Half Marathon Walk 10.30am – Starters must have a race time of 2:45 or greater
  • Half Marathon Run 11.00am

Arriving at Start -Day 1 and all single day entrant you should arrive 1 hour before start to collect race pack. 4 x 4 marathon/Half Marathon runners should be at start line at least half hour before start time on days 2,3 & 4.
Cut-off time – Cut off times is 2.30pm each day – See Early start option.

Support Stations


Water Station/ Food / Kit Drop – 13.1 Mile

The Quadrathon marathons is a self support event so runners are advised to have personal arrangements in place for hydration and nutrition. However the following exceptions make it less tedious.

  • Water Station – (5-7) mile /13.1 Mile / (18-20)mile – Are the 3 the only official Water Stations on course – This station will have water / fruit / gels available. Exact details will be on race pack info.
  • Kit Drop @ 13.1 mile – Prior to race start, runners can hand in any kit for collection at the 13.1 mile point. Runners can also discard any items at this station and collect them at finish. Please put your number on pack if you think it could be mistaken
  • Water on Course – Marshalls will have extra water on course, so if you are in need a bottle, raise your hand on approach and they will provide.
  • There will be additional water stations on the last 13 mile on Sunday
  • Food and Drink – Ensure that you have taken sufficient food, fruit, carbohydrates, gels, or whatever does it for you, with you to maintain your energy levels throughout the race.

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus transfers / race day

Bus transfers will be operating daily as follows;

  • Early Morning shuttle – Applicable to Main (9.00am) Start only – Drive and park at Finish Area by 7.45am and take shuttle bus to start, arriving back at start line before 8.30.
  • Post race Shuttle Buses will leave from finish area at 2:30 each day, dropping runners back to start area. This is the only option available to early starters (Bar Thursday)
  • Half Marathoners can take shuttle transport from finish line at 9.40 for walkers/ slow runners and at 10.20am for the main start.
  • Sunday Morning – Pre-race shuttles will leave from Finish Location TBD to accommodate all start times. Times will be noted on race pack info.

Luggage Transfer

Marathon runners can forward a kit change, ideally in Extreme North Event drawstring bag on each of the race days. Luggage crates will be visible at the start location on each of the days. Sundays drop will be at the finish line before catching shuttle bus to start.


The following race support is intended to ease any concerns you may have about the challenge and to ensure that you maximise your enjoyment.

  • Stewarts along course to ensure your safety. Stewarding will be placed based on race category times, Please take care if you are running outside of these times.
  • Shuttle bus transfers to accommodate participants either before or after event.
  • Course markings are clear so no worries about getting lost.
  • Mile markers for entire course.
  • Lead Car with clock and race warning
  • Water station at 13.1 mile only – Marshalls will have a supply of water if needed.
  • Vehicular surveillance at random.
  • Toilets available at designated public places.
  • First Aid support throughout by Red Cross
  • Brush wagon and surveillance for all slower participants or non finishers
  • Buffet refreshments at finish.