Quadrathon International 4 day Running Festival

Treat yourself in 2019, your body deserves it after all that grueling winter training. The Quadrathon International Festival will reward, invigorate and really get your Adrenalin pumping. Tough? maybe, but with the camaraderie and lasting memories of an iconic event everything else fades into insignificance. The prize winning medal reflects the quality of the experience and says it all. Early Bird still open.

Looking for an event that goes the extra mile, ask anyone, it’s called Extreme North

Extreme North are renowned for adding that little extra to every aspect of an event, Course choices, Amazing Scenery, Participant Camaraderie, Spectacular Medals and Real Hospitality. All these add up to a more enjoyable and memorable event with everyone going home with quality merchandise and lasting memories. So whether it Running or Adventure racing, for a guaranteed “Happy Ending” book with Extreme North. Early Bird still open.

Beautiful rugged landscapes

Extreme North Early Bird closing dates and correction

Grovel time, apologies to anyone registering for our Quadrathon International Festival over the past week as the Early Bird closing date was wrongly set to 1st Jan, the correct date is 1st Feb. Our Shore 2 Summit had an Earlier closing date but to avoid any further confusion / errors – All Extreme North Early Birds will now close on 31st January at midnight.

Get registered Now and get fit in 2019



Running Monotony – We don’t do that at Extreme North

ROCKS N ROLLIN ULTRA – 18th/19th May ’19

Mix it up in 2019 with road, hills, trails, beach and absolutely amazing landscapes, these are not obstacles in achieving your GOAL, negativity is the only obstacle, so lets get rid of that and see what you can really achieve. Sounds tough but the variety and scenery pumps your adrenaline as you achieve goals you never thought possible and we allow different starts and generous cut-off time so all fitness levels can achieve their personal GOAL Get REGISTERED now





Here’s your GOAL – Shore 2 Summit Adventure in 10 weeks, Lets Go

Don’t get dragged down with a boring training plan, mix it up with running and cycling and set our Shore 2 Summit Adventure Race as your 10 week GOAL. So on top of experiencing an amazing event enjoy the health benefits and fitness journey that gets you ready for it. Event distances to suit all fitness levels so BOOK NOW on the Early Bird plan.

Shore 2 Summit -16th March ’19

Quadrathon International Running Festival – Ireland’s most Iconic 4 day event

Words and pictures simply are not enough to describe the Quadrathon, a 4 day festival of Friendship & Scenery complimented by an amazing collection of true characters from the running family, each challenging themselves for personal reasons be it Health, Fitness or Heart-felt. The end result of competing over hills, dales and coastal WAW routes is one of lasting memories, lifelong friendships and an amazing medal that is matched only by the experience. If your looking for an event that stand-out in your memory then REGISTER NOW for 2019 – To be sure.

Happy, healthy & fit new year to everyone

Time to blow the Christmas cobwebs off and get the mindset sorted to get the body into gear. Planning ahead to make 2019 an even better year? then Extreme North have a perfect range of events for 2019 to help you achieve your Goal while feeling healthier and fitter as you get into your fitness regime. Book now and keep focused on your Goal. 2019! make it a good one.

Extreme North can help with your 2019 Goal

As we load up for Christmas, our New Year resolution is never far from the back of our minds. Identifying a goal and signing up to it always guarantees a more positive result. Any Extreme North event can help you with that short term and/or long term goal and enjoy a double celebration of your fitness journey crowned by a remarkable achievement at the end of it. Get focused and Register Now

Have a really happy Christmas and if that’s inappropriate for your experiences of 2018 then I truly wish you peace of mind and consolation during this special time of year.


Event Launch

We are delighted to announce that ALL 4 of our 2019 events are now live.
Extreme North events are guaranteed to challenge your ability and reaffirm your Self-Esteem.
We are renowned for Value, Scenery, Hospitality and amazing Medals/Merchandise, 2019 is no exception.
Avail of our Early Bird, Register Now and give yourself a real Goal to train for.
Thanks to all visitors at the Dublin Marathon Expo and your Expo Discount code is still open.

Tuff-Inish, a fitting climaxe to your season.

The Tuff-Inish promises to be as spectacular for Adventure Racing as the Quadrathon is for running. Traversing the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula, on-road cycling – road, trail & mountain running – Kayak over a challenging and scenic course that will have your adrenaline pushing you all the way – REGISTER NOW only days left

Tuff-Inish will cycle along this spectacular coastline

Tackle this challenging cycle climb at Mamore

Some of the AMAZING scenery and terrain you’ll experience