8 Tips on how to pull off a NEW YOU

8 tips on how to pull off a NEW YOU

Change from a Dreamer to a Doer by dreaming about the thrill of achieving your Goal


Noticed the growing number of people out exercising recently?, look closer, these are not “Athletes” but rather ordinary individuals like you or me, they come in all shapes and sizes, some look the part and some, like myself look dodgy enough. The common bond is that they all want to improve, be it their weight, shape, mental health or wellbeing.

Excuses are easy – not for me, too busy, too cold, look silly….. . If you could match each negative response with a positive one like – I could beat him, improve wellbeing & energy, go stress busting, then you’d be half way on your way, just focus on your Goal, desire and reason you started this in the first place and dream about the ecstasy and excitement you’ll feel by accomplishing.

You’ll never start a new chapter in your life if you keep reliving the last chapter, don’t be the observer be the doer. Change and success seldom happen within your comfort zone, be prepared to have to make that extra effort knowing the vast reward that awaits you on the other side.

He is my tips

  1. Goals -Set realistic Goals and a sensible timeframe be it diet or exercise
  2. Records -Write it down and keep records of progress
  3. Diet -Choose a Diet that suits, ideally with natural fresh food.
  4. Cravings -Fight cravings not hunger, starving does not get results
  5. Support -Join a weight loss group or get an exercise partner.
  6. Flexibility -Allow flexibility in your plan and bounce back each time.
  7. Motivation -Surround yourself with things and thoughts that motivate you.
  8. Positive -Remind yourself why you started and remember success stories

Believe in yourself – Don’t be afraid to fail – But be afraid not to try.

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