Motivation – A Reality not a Myth

Motivation makes things happen, short spurts don’t work so here are some tips on how to stay Motivation.

  • Setting GOALs are crucial, you must have an end game and reward
  • Set your OWN Goal – You may lose interest if just following someone else’s
  • Make it public- makes you more accountable and friends can encourage you when your low.
  • Plan it – Create a visual record, training plan, a breakdown in stages to the end goal.
  • Track your progress – ideally have other smaller goals / milestones en route to your main goal.
  • Reward yourself at milestones along your path and reflect on progress.
  • Don’t do it alone – get involved with others, even if their goal is different, one will motivate the other.
  • Pick yourself up – Don’t let lapses deter you, dust yourself down, adjust you plan and go again.

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Make that Finish line your Goal and imagine the euphoria of crossing it.

Be properly rewarded for your efforts. (Finishers Medal)