Rocks N Rollin Ultra – 5 weeks away

This really is the weather for adding on those extra miles, and where better to to it than in beautiful Donegal.

I went out for a canter this morning and just check out the scenery from Mile 10 – 13 of the Ultra course. This is just 10% of the route & 10% of the scenery. Sure where else would you be in Mid May, whether you choose Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon or 7 miler. So put 18th – 19th May in your diary for a really memorable run.

Adventure – never predictable, never boring

Adventure Racing is all the craze, the Multi discipline challenge which engages more body muscle extending your endurance & longevity by up to 50% longer, so you’ll be amazed at your achievement . Our Shore 2 Summit in March caters for all Adventurers with 22k, 41k & 62k courses which is ideal to test out Adventure racing and god knows, maybe you’ll give our 132km Tuff-Inish a go in September. Early Bird open for next few days only.


Shore 2 Summit -16th March ’19

Extreme North can open your door to the Out Doors – Walking or Running

If WALKING or RUNNING is your fitness fix, Extreme North’s Rocks N Rollin Ultra in May or Quadrathon Challenge in August are ideal for any fitness level. Our events have Quarter, Half, Full & Ultra Marathon distances with early starts for walkers and slow joggers. Our rugged courses on the Wild Atlantic Way will both challenge and enthrall you whether your a novice or professional runner. Our events are legend for hospitality and camaraderie.  So for a running event AND a memorable experience check out Extreme North.


Early Bird offer still open, but only 1 week left

Check out our packages and you’ll be pleased to discover that we give more and charge less. Better still you have a chance to get an extra 10% OFF ALL our events if your registered before the end of January. Check out our event details HERE, get registered and discover an Adventure Paradise. Choose from Adventure Races in March & September or Ultra running events in May & August.

2 Fantastic running events on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

It’s Ireland’s most scenic and breathtaking landscape, don’t take our word for it check out Wild Atlantic Way here  

Rocks N Rollin Ultra, a B2B – 63K Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon & 7 Miler on road, trail & beach on 18/19 May ’19

Quadrathon 4 Day running festival – 105mile Ultra / 4 Marathon or 4 Half Marathons over 4 days. 15/18 August ’19

And just like the scenery everything about these events are spectacular so BOOK NOW for a truly memorable experience. Early Bird still open.

Quadrathon International 4 day Running Festival

Treat yourself in 2019, your body deserves it after all that grueling winter training. The Quadrathon International Festival will reward, invigorate and really get your Adrenalin pumping. Tough? maybe, but with the camaraderie and lasting memories of an iconic event everything else fades into insignificance. The prize winning medal reflects the quality of the experience and says it all. Early Bird still open.

Looking for an event that goes the extra mile, ask anyone, it’s called Extreme North

Extreme North are renowned for adding that little extra to every aspect of an event, Course choices, Amazing Scenery, Participant Camaraderie, Spectacular Medals and Real Hospitality. All these add up to a more enjoyable and memorable event with everyone going home with quality merchandise and lasting memories. So whether it Running or Adventure racing, for a guaranteed “Happy Ending” book with Extreme North. Early Bird still open.

Beautiful rugged landscapes

Extreme North Early Bird closing dates and correction

Grovel time, apologies to anyone registering for our Quadrathon International Festival over the past week as the Early Bird closing date was wrongly set to 1st Jan, the correct date is 1st Feb. Our Shore 2 Summit had an Earlier closing date but to avoid any further confusion / errors – All Extreme North Early Birds will now close on 31st January at midnight.

Get registered Now and get fit in 2019