Imagine if a voucher could change someone’s life?

22 years ago I was 60lbs overweight with the occasional fad diet, no training and feeling down in the dumps – I was stuck in my own comfort zone.

Someone gave me a sports shop GIFT VOUCHER for my 40th birthday. Runners and kit were purchased and for some reason it didn’t stop there. The new kit, a bit of support and a challenge all added up to creating the kickstart that lead to completely changed my life.

22 years later I’ve run 36 Marathons, competed in charity cycle challenges all over the world plus a multitude of other stuff and more importantly I’m 10 times healthier and organise adventure challenges in Inishowen Donegal for a living.

Do you know someone who could do with that little push, that might prove to be the almighty step towards a healthier life?

Our gift vouchers starts at just €30. Book on line now and receive by post before Christmas. I’ll even give them a pep talk if you think they need it.

All the best.

Harold McGuinness

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