Up & Running – Sat 25th April ’20




Course Route

Course Start / Finish / times

 Race Race Start Bike Trans. 1  Finish  Start Time
 62k Extreme Sliabh Sneacht Centre Lough Fad  Sliabh Sneacht Centre 7:45:00 &/or 8:15
 41k Sprint Sliabh Sneacht Centre Lough Fad  Sliabh Sneacht Centre From 9:00:00
 22k Mini Adventure Sliabh Sneacht Centre Mountain Sliabh Sneacht Centre 10:15:00

Race morning arrival; – Arrive at Start at least 80mins before your race start time to collect your race pack and then leave your bike at the Lake Transition which is only 3 mile away then return to start.

Water Stations

Water / Transition Stations

The Tuff-Inish Adventure race is a self supporting event so runners are advised to have personal arrangements in place for hydration and nutrition. Transition area’s / Water stations are located as follows;

Race Stage Location Available
End of Run 1 Lake Transition Water & fruit
 End of Kayak stage Lake Transition Water & fruit
 End of Cycle 1 Mountain Transition Water & fruit
 End of mountain Climb  Mountain Transition  Water & fruit
 End of Cycle 2  Finish  Water, fruit & bars – Hot Food

Food and Drink – Ensure that you have taken sufficient food, fruit, carbohydrates, gels, or whatever does it for you, with you to maintain your energy levels throughout the race.

Bike transition

Bike Transition

  • Bike Transition 1 – Extreme & Sprint – Bike transition 1 is located at the Lake, competitors will be required to leave their bike at Transition 1 before race start
  • Bike Transition 2 – Mini Adventure – Bike transition 2 is located at the standing Monument at the base of Sliabh Sneacht.

*You can choose to drop bike at transition prior to collecting race pack if it is more convenient,

* You can leave backpack or bag at bike transition, please ensure it is secured/ strapped to your bike. Any packs will have to travel with you on the bike. Ensure pack is waterproof.

Race Support

Race Day Support – in brief

The following race support is intended to ease any concerns you may have about the challenge and to ensure that you maximise your enjoyment.

  • Stewarts along course to ensure your safety. Stewarding will be placed based on race category times,
  • Course markings are clear so no worries about getting lost.
  • Entire mountain course will be marked with flags
  • Distance markers every 5k
  • Lead Car with clock and race warning on tarred roads
  • Water station at all transition area’s. – Marshalls will have a supply of water if needed.
  • Vehicular surveillance at random.
  • Toilets available at designated public places.
  • First Aid support throughout Doctor on Call.
  • Brush wagon and surveillance for all slower participants or non finishers
  • Buffet refreshments at finish.