Adventure Race for all fitnesses

Training or just promising yourself to start? 7 weeks into the year and still blaming the weather?, it’ll soon be Easter. Shore 2 Summit Adventure race has 3 race types, so whether your stuck into training or just starting there is a doable race there for you. Register now and set yourself a target for Easter with our 22k Mini, 41k Sprint & 62k Extreme challenges. Come on – No more excuses

Setting records and sharing memories

Over the past 3 years the Quadrathon has seen many runners reach Milestones, hosted Nick Nicholsons 240 Marathons/1yr Guinness World Record and even STAR WARS couldn’t resist our beautiful Landscapes featured in the Last Jedi. Come and see for yourself and understand why participants go home with lasting memories and raving about their experience.



Planning a special Goal in ’18 – do it with Extreme North

Planning a Milestone in 2018?, conquer it in the amazing Donegal Landscapes and celebrate it in our friendly race atmosphere and hospitality. Dave Brady ran his 300th Marathon in 2014, Nick Nicholson Set a Guinness World Record – 240 Marathons in 1 year at Quadrathon ’17 and there were lots more. Our events are challenging, rewarding and we’d love to celebrate your milestone with you. Register now, Last Week for EARLY BIRD


If you must do endurance! Then do one you’ll remember

The Quadrathon Festival in August is like no other race. The 4 day event of Half’s, Full’s and Ultra’s (105mi.) guarantee’s to

  • Challenge your body and mine, but in a rewarding way.
  • Experience an amazing sense of achievement each day that you cross that Finish Line
  • Be part of a refreshing social atmosphere of camaraderie & craic over the 4 days
  • Soak up a whole new level of hospitality that is unique to Donegal

As a result of this you will leave with lasting memories and knowing that if Carlsberg done Endurance!!!

Final Week for EARLY BIRD registration – So REGISTER NOW


Donegal for Adventure Racing with a difference

Shore 2 Summit is not just another Adventure Race, the location alone is unique with the perfect blend of beauty and Challenge. While the 3 different course encourage a variety of competitor fitness, they all have the same mental mindset, REFUSE TO GIVE IN.

Check it out and REGISTER NOW while Early Bird is still open, only days left.

Just some of the terrain you’ll experience


Motivation – A Reality not a Myth

Motivation makes things happen, short spurts don’t work so here are some tips on how to stay Motivation.

  • Setting GOALs are crucial, you must have an end game and reward
  • Set your OWN Goal – You may lose interest if just following someone else’s
  • Make it public- makes you more accountable and friends can encourage you when your low.
  • Plan it – Create a visual record, training plan, a breakdown in stages to the end goal.
  • Track your progress – ideally have other smaller goals / milestones en route to your main goal.
  • Reward yourself at milestones along your path and reflect on progress.
  • Don’t do it alone – get involved with others, even if their goal is different, one will motivate the other.
  • Pick yourself up – Don’t let lapses deter you, dust yourself down, adjust you plan and go again.

Extreme North provide short and long term GOAL. Early bird is still open so REGISTER NOW

Make that Finish line your Goal and imagine the euphoria of crossing it.

Be properly rewarded for your efforts. (Finishers Medal)

Training – Adventure racing & Endurance running

Extreme North have a variety of training plans, check them out HERE

For PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS we have partnered with who’d be delighted to design a personal plan specific to your fitness and Goals.

Your in good hands with owner, Paddy McLaughlin’s, Triathlon Ireland Coach of the Year 2015. Podiumfit’s plans include Endurance Running, Triathlon Coaching, Bike Fitting, Blood Lactate Testing, Nutrition Plans, Strength & Conditioning Diet Analysis Food Plans etc..

Paddy, with a string of Ironman achievements and a previous Extreme North competitor knows exactly what it takes to help you conquer the multiple terrain that is Inishowen and Extreme North challenge routes.

Extreme North EARLY BIRD closing soon – Get registered today

With proper training everything is dooable


Thinking of others in 2017

We had great pleasure ending 2017 being able to give something back to a few worthy causes.

Moville Christmas Tree € 482.00, being 50% of proceeds from our Santa Run and Hamper. Thanks to all local business who contributed to the hamper and a special thanks to Inishfusion for sponsoring our Santa Run. Thanks to all volunteers who helped.

North West Simon Community €1,222.00 – The other 50% plus a further donation as they are our worthy Charity Partners.

Donations to N.W. Simon – Extreme North Registrants can make a small donation when registering for any of our events – Please give it a thought, no matter how small.