Up & Running – Sat 28th Sept. 2019


Course Route

Course Start / Finish / times

 Stage Discipline Distance Trans. Start location Finish location Latest Start Cut-Off
 1 Running 12.5 km Start Moville F.C  Greencastle Slipway 7:00 8:30
2 Kayak 5.5 km T1 Greencastle Slip Moville Wharf 8:40 9:40
 3 Cycle 1 55.0 km T2 Moville Wharf Mamore Car Park 9:50 1:00
4 Mountain Trek 5.5 km T3 Mamore Car Park Mamore Car Park 1:10 2:20
5 Cycle 2 31 km T3 Mamore Car Park Glentogher School 2:30 4:20
6 Run 22.5 km T4 Glentogher School Moville F.C. 4:30 7:00

Race morning – Arrive at Start at least 45mins before your race start time to warm-up allow for any last minute briefing changes.

Water Stations

Transition Stations

Transition Stations will have the following;

Shelter accommodation to facilitate changing/ eating etc.

Your assigned transition Box, max. 35ltr, handed over by you the previous day.

Water top-up facility.

Food and Drink – Ensure that you have taken sufficient food, fruit, carbohydrates, gels, or whatever does it for you, with you to maintain your energy levels throughout the race.

Bike transition

Bike Transition

  • Over-night bike transition will be at T2 (Moville Wharf) You must deliver your bike and helmit here on the Friday between 2:00pm & 7:00 pm

Race Support

Race Day Support – in brief

The following race support is intended to ease any concerns you may have about the challenge and to ensure that you maximise your enjoyment.

  • Stewarts at major junctions only along the course.
  • Course markings are clear so no worries about getting lost.
  • Entire mountain course will be marked with flags
  • Distance markers every 10k
  • Lead Car with clock and race warning on tarred roads
  • Water top-up at all transition area’s. –
  • Vehicular surveillance at random.
  • Toilets available at transitions
  • First Aid support throughout Doctor on Call.
  • Brush wagon and surveillance for all slower participants or non finishers
  • Hot refreshments at finish and buffet meal & presentation afterwards.