8 ways that Adventure Racing boosts wellbeing and promotes Tourism in Donegal

8 ways Adventure Races boosts wellbeing and promotes tourism in Donegal

  • Extreme North’s range of adventure races and challenges showcase the Donegal landscape with intense on & off road scenic routes creating a lasting impression, not experienced by the fleeting tourist.
  • Multiple course options and teamwork choice makes event accessible to all fitness levels. Rugged Peaks is taking place on the 26th September, and the mini adventure course is perfect for teams looking for a novice challenge.
  • Adventure offers a unique workout using different muscle groups as participants run, cycle, kayak and climb mountains. If you’ve completed a 5k or would like to try and adventure race, Rugged Peaks has the perfect mix.
  • The local hospitality and craic experienced by participants adds a vibrant cultural element to the sporting experience, and it’s a great boost to the local economy who directly
  • People are coming from all over the world to take part in adventure races in Donegal, our international visitors are growing with each event year on year. And when you see the size of the medals, you’ll see why.
  • Adventure racing welcomes teams to take part, so no matter what your level of ability is you can take part. Teams of 2-4 are a perfect for races like Rugged Peaks.
  • Adventure racing is a complete package – Overall workout / scenic alertness /cultural experience. It’s a great way to experience this part of Ireland.
  • The final result is an overwhelming sense of achievement, self-gratification and a shared camaraderie, banter & craic with likeminded achievers, everyone benefits!


With the diverse range of adventure races in Donegal like WAAR, Mulroy, The Race and our own races at Extreme North Donegal is fast becoming the fast becoming the hottest destination in Ireland for adventure racing and tourism!


“218 competitors competed the Quadrathon in August and around 210 of those stayed in Donegal for the entire weekend, that is a huge boost to the local economy, and we’re hoping to double that for 2016” – Harold Extreme North



Rugged Peaks is staged in Clonmany, Co Donegal and takes place on the 26th September and has a course for everyone from extreme to Novice, click here to sign up, you will love it!

The new Rugged Peaks Adventure challenge has it all as the event sprawls out around the base of Mamore offering course choices for all fitness levels.

67K Extreme incl. beach run and 1000ft climb on stage 1, cycle over Mamore on stage 2 and that’s just for starters

42k Sprint is an ideal course for solo or why not team-up in 2’s or 4’s a perfect option for novice adventurers

24k Mini, a flat course for the solo novice or anyone with 10k run under their belt.

Whatever your choice you are guaranteed to be challenged at your own level and experience an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and achievement as you cross that finish line.